Car Theft

Car theft pragueBreak-ins or vehicle thefts are quite common in Prague. Although the risk is no higher than in any other western country, you still have to take some precautions, which means you have to pay attention to where you are parking and what you leave in the vehicle. We recommend that you leave your car in safe car parks that are guarded, even if they can be fairly expensive, especially in places close to the city centre. If you are driving your own car, use alarms and steering-wheel locking devices. In the case of a road accident, or if your car has been stolen, you should call the police. Even if the damage is quite small, it is highly recommended that the police are contacted for several reasons. You will receive an accident report for your insurance company. They might help you get in touch with a motoring organization for emergency breakdowns. Spare parts for your car other than locally-made brands can be quite expensive, but you should have no problem finding them.