Czech Drivers

Recently, there have been inconsistent stories that Czech drivers are Europe’s third most dangerous, behind Greek drivers, but are quite lucky with accidents on the road when taking the average accident rate in Europe into account. When you enter Prague and obtain a car, it might only take five minutes on the road before a nutcase will overtake you on the hard shoulder at 150 kilometres per hour. Another regular scenario is where a driver will get out of his car and scream at another driver for even a tiny driving error (drivers can sometimes get into fights as well). The condition of the roads isn’t too bad, but prepare yourself for the terrible drivers, particularly on the motorways and throughout the centre of Prague. Many drivers do not have gentlemanly manners, and the local daily newspapers are full of stories about stupid drivers who cause accidents. For this reason, if it’s not necessary, do not drive in Prague, but use public transportation or a cab, or use a hire car and a driver.

Czech driver