Where Is the Traffic in Prague Heaviest?

204,000 Cars on the South Connection, 180,000 on Strakonická and 64,000 on Legerova Every Day.

The morning and evening rush hours are famous in the capital city. You may wait in columns for tens of minutes every day. According to the technical management of roads, the main problem seems to be the unfinished Prague ring road, and the City ring road is not much brighter. Most cars go through the Barrandov Bridge, up to 134 thousand, according to statistics. Over the long term, the busiest tunnel is Zlíchovský which takes 84 thousand vehicles every day. The worst traffic conditions of all you will find on the South Connection – 200 thousand cars go there every day.

Even when the traffic conditions should be ideal, the roads in Prague are crowded with cars, and in case of a car accident, tens of thousands of drivers have to wait in columns. “Traffic in Prague is complicated on the busiest routes. The unfinished Prague ring road and leading the transit traffic to the City ring road or to routes which are not able to hold the transit traffic are the main problems,” Barbora Lišková, the spokesperson of TSK, explained to

In Prague, there are many more car accidents than in other parts of the country. Speaking of the last year, the police had to deal with more than 23 collisions. This is one of the reasons why travelling in Prague is getting more and more difficult. “Another problem represents complications caused by car accidents, which can – during the rush hour – often complicate traffic even in those places, where columns of cars are not expected to form, “Lišková added.

Hundreds of Thousands of Cars Go Through a Single Street Every Day

When we look at the statistics, we cannot be surprised that drivers spend very much time in columns in Prague every morning and evening. For instance, 204,000 vehicles go through the 5th of May Street on the South Connection every day. In case of any accident, there are tens of thousands of drivers waiting in columns. Another critical place is Strakonická, with 180,000 vehicles every day.

One accident, a burst pipe, for instance, is then enough for the city to become a place you do not want to drive through. Last year, two water pipe accidents on the I. P. Pavlova Street showed that even a couple of hours of roadworks cause a collapse in the entire city. 64 thousand cars go through the crossroad of Anglická and Legerova every day.

A little relief has been brought with the finishing of the Blanka Tunnel Complex, even though the traffic there is also a bit heavier than expected. Every 24 hours, 84 thousand vehicles travel through the Zlíchov Tunnel. Numerous reconstructions in Prague can make the journey even more unpleasant. “For example, due to the closure of the Zenklova street, some little complications related to the capacity of the roundabout roads during the morning and evening rush hours have appeared,” Lišková added.

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